Children’s Choir

2022-2023 Fees


Fee: $165/month from September 1, 2022 to May 1, 2023
$1485.00 due September 30, 2022

*Eligible to fundraise up to $350 towards this fee

These fees include a 2-hour weekly rehearsal, as well as a weekend camp at Camp Nakamun and a 3-day Alberta  tour.


At your first rehearsal, please bring 2 deposit cheques:

  1. Volunteer Deposit: $100.00 cheque post dated to May 31, 2023. Children’s choir families are required to fulfill two volunteer credits or positions throughout the year. If the volunteer commitment has been fulfilled, this deposit cheque will be shredded at the end of the choral season. You are welcome to ask us to deposit this cheque if you’d rather not fulfill your volunteer commitment. 

  2. Uniform Deposit: $100.00 cheque post dated to May 31, 2023. Once your child’s uniform has been returned undamaged, this cheque will be shredded.


*Fundraising Credits:

Cantilon offers regular fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Children’s choir families are welcome to participate in any program. Any fundraising credits earned in this choral season will be applied to your fees to a maximum of $350. Excess fundraising credits will stay on your account and can be applied to tuition fees the following season. These credits apply to the family so any member of your family can use them; and, if unused, will stay on your account for 2 years. Watch for emails from the Cantilon office with updates on upcoming fundraising initiatives.