Audition Information


New to choir? If you are interested in joining Children's, Chamber, Belles Or Vox, you will first need to schedule an audition. Each audition is only 10 minutes, but the main objectives are for our artistic staff to listen to each singer to determine which choir would be best suited to the individual. Our conductors will do some range testing (to see how high and how low you can comfortably sing — it’s not a competition!), some agility testing (to see how quickly you can sing scales and arpeggios), and some aural skills tests (matching pitch, identifying the top/bottom note of a chord). Auditions also a great opportunity to meet our conductors and ask any questions you (parents and singers) might have. Remember – no one has ever died from an audition. ☺ There is NO NEED to stress about it! We’re here to meet you and have a bit of fun.

Returning choristers from Children’s Choir only, your conductor wants to hear you. So please book an audition.
Returning Kindersingers, Primary, Chamber, Belle Canto and Vox Hominis choristers can re-register here so we know you will be coming back. 

What to prepare for the audition:

New Choristers: A song of your choice, preferably an art song in English. If you don’t know an art song, you may sing something like ‘O Canada,’ ‘Amazing Grace,’ a church hymn or your favorite Broadway song.

Returning Children's Choristers: At the Fair or Psalm 92

The results:

Results of the auditions are communicated at the end of the session. You will then be asked to visit our website and register for your selected choir.